What Does a Summary Judgment Mean in a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Mar 24, 2023

At the summary judgment phase of your case, the defendant’s lawyer will present all facts and evidence they can to get the court to dismiss your case before trial begins. This could include police reports, signed witness statements, or other relevant materials they can present to the judge.

This is an essential step in your lawsuit and should be taken seriously, as it could save time, money, and stress from having a lengthy trial. Once submitted to the judge for review, they will assess whether there is sufficient evidence for trial.

Once the court sets a hearing date for both sides to present their cases, the judge will make a determination about the case. If the judge believes there is enough evidence in support of your position, they may grant your motion for summary judgment and dismiss your case without needing further litigation.

If the judge determines there is insufficient evidence to back up your case, they will deny your motion for summary judgment and keep reviewing the matter until it’s settled. This process may take some time, but your attorney should be able to guide you through it all and explain what comes next for you.

When dealing with a personal injury case, there are several elements that must be proved in order for you to prevail. These include duty, breach, proximate cause, and harm. You should also know what the standard of care in your state is and how you can prove deviation from it. Having an experienced attorney by your side every step of the way will give you the greatest chance for success at trial.

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