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Police Shooting

In this wrongful death case filed against the City of Chicago, involving the shooting death of 17-year-old Cedrick Chatman, who was unarmed and running from the police on January 7, 2013.  The shooting occurred in the South Shore neighborhood of the City of Chicago.  The video of the police shooting of Cedrick Chatman garnered national attention after it was released shortly after the shooting of Laquan McDonald also by Chicago Police Officers.

Medical Malpractice

56-year-old man was left brain-damaged after he underwent a routine tracheostomy exchange at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, IL.  Our law firm co-counseled with the law firm of Salvi, Schostock & Pritchard, P.C., and was able to successfully resolve the case at mediation after a lawsuit was filed in Cook County, IL. 

Car Crash

57-year-old woman sustained a fractured wrist, which required (2) surgeries, after being struck by a vehicle.

Car Crash

25-year-old female passenger sustained a perforated small intestine which required emergency surgical repair after being struck by a vehicle.  Case settled for more than the policy limits.

Car Crash

27-year-old male professional hairdresser was rear-ended at high-speed by another vehicle and sustained a shoulder injury which required surgery.

Car Crash

58-year-old woman sustained various lower extremity fractures and knee replacements which required surgical intervention after being a victim of a car accident.  The accident occurred in Cook County, IL near Broadview when the defendant driver crossed the center median line and hit her vehicle head-on.

Police Misconduct & Civil Rights

Confidential Settlement

Inmate of Cook County Jail was severely beaten by guards in 2017.  Client hired Coffman Law Offices to pursue a civil rights lawsuit against the Cook County Sheriff for the injuries he sustained at the hands of the jail guards.