Premises Liability & Slip and Fall 

Premises liability is an area of law that generally refers to situations in which an individual is injured on the property of another. While the majority of premises liability cases are of the slip and fall variety, other types of incidents that fall under this category include elevator/escalator accidents, amusement park accidents, inadequate building maintenance/security issues, and more. In a typical premises liability case, the plaintiff will want to show that they had a reasonable expectation of safety on someone else’s property, and that the landowner knew about the “dangerous condition” that caused the plaintiff’s fall but failed to correct it.

Through our firm’s experience seeking justice for injury victims and their families for over a decade, we have come to understand the serious risks that often accompany a slip and fall. In fact, according to the National Floor Safety Institute, slip and falls accounts for over 1 million emergency room visits per year. Coffman Law has seen firsthand how damaging these accidents can be for victims, and through our experience advocating on behalf of slip and fall victims in the courtroom, our experienced personal injury attorneys have developed a “plan of attack” regarding how to maximize the value of a victim’s case.

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