Aviation Crashes


Air travel is a massive industry in the United States, and according to estimates from National Geographic, air travel on an international basis is expected to double in the next two decades. Given the growing size of this industry and the plethora of potential legal liabilities associated with air travel, a substantial body of law has grown out of this area that is appropriately known as “Aviation Law.” Aviation law is a catch-all phrase referring to legal issues stemming from an injury that occurred within the aviation industry. It typically concerns activities related to aircraft operations, which could include commercial or general aircraft crashes, aircraft maintenance, air traffic safety, airline security issues, pilot licensing concerns, and more.

In most circumstances, an aviation law claim would be based in negligence law (i.e., the same source of law that governs personal injury and medical malpractice claims), since it would likely argue that an injury was caused as a result of an airline employee’s negligent conduct. Therefore, given Coffman Law’s track record of success helping victims and their families seek justice in the personal injury context for over 10 years, Owner and Founding Partner Brian Coffman launched his own Aviation Law Practice Group to assist those who have been injured in aviation accidents. If you or a family member has suffered injuries as a result of an aviation accident, do not hesitate to contact Coffman Law for a free consultation.

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