Mall Shootings – Can the Property Owner be held responsible?

Feb 17, 2022

Two days before Christmas, on December 23, 2021, at the Oakbrook Center mall in Oak Brook, IL hundreds of shoppers ran for cover as two men began shooting at each other following an argument.

One of the shooters, was hit four times and collapsed to the pavement, dropping a Glock 9mm handgun, according to police.

The other man, ran into a Nordstrom’s store, tossing his Taurus 9mm handgun near the entrance, police said. He was taken into custody with the help of store security.

Four other people were wounded as the two men fired 12 shots at each other.

Coffman Law is proud to announce they represent one of the four individuals wounded in this shooting.  Coffman Law intends to seek full and fair compensation for our client who sustained permanent, lasting injuries as a result of this shooting.

In mall assault/shooting cases, multiple parties may be held liable, including:

  • the company which owns/operates the mall,
  • a security management company, and/or
  • a property management company.

Under Illinois law owners of commercial property must take reasonable steps to prevent putting patrons in harm’s way on their premises. The main theory of liability in a mall assault/shooting case is having knowledge of actual criminal activity, yet failing to do anything about it, such as beefing up security, providing better lighting, posting warning signs, etc.

Merchants and owners of shopping facilities have a duty to provide safe premises for their customers. Making sure that customers have a safe shopping environment could extend beyond simply hiring security personnel. Those employees should be subject to screening and hiring standards appropriate to their positions. In addition, they should have the training they need to perform their jobs diligently and capably.

While no amount of money can undo an injury or bring back a loved one, it will punish the negligent property owner and send a message to all other commercial property owners that they have a duty to protect their customers.

In order to recover damages through a premises liability claim against a shopping mall, or another commercial property where the shooting occurred, your lawyer will have to prove that the incident was reasonably foreseeable. Competent lawyers will immediately start investigating the incident and do many of the following:

  • Gather evidence of prior similar crimes at the public place or in the area;
  • Obtain crime statistics for the neighborhood;
  • Collect statements from people who witnessed the shooting;
  • Obtain the victim’s medical records and bills for treatment provided; and
  • Get the police investigation file.

If you or someone you care about has been assaulted or harmed otherwise on the premises of a shopping center or mall, you could suffer lasting physical and emotional injuries. Negligence on the part of the property owner or manager could play a significant role in the injuries you sustain.

If any readers or their family members have suffered injuries as a result of negligence do not hesitate to contact Coffman Law.  The lawyers at Coffman Law Offices have obtained significant results for their clients for over 15 years by using experience with their overall knowledge of negligence and premises law in the personal injury context. Click HERE to contact our office for a free consultation

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