Auto Insurance Deep Dive: Tips on Dealing with an Insurance Company after a Crash

May 9, 2021

Today’s blog continues Coffman Law’s “Auto Insurance Deep Dive” series, which offers readers brief summaries of the most important auto insurance-related topics and trends. Insurance companies exist to assist people with the aftermath of an unexpected accident. However, once the crash occurs, the simple truth is that insurance companies are primarily concerned with limiting their potential payouts as much as possible. Therefore, our blog today provides general best practices for interacting with an insurance company following a crash. The post is comprised of various tips for those injured in an auto crash, and it is divided into two sections: tips on dealing with an insurance company after your accident and how hiring an attorney can help you deal with an insurance company during the settlement process in resolving your claim before having to file a lawsuit.

General Tips on Dealing with an Auto Insurance Company


Acknowledge the insurance company’s real goals.

It is important to remember that, at its core, an insurance company is a business primarily seeking to make a profit for its owners/shareholders. Once a crash victim formally seeks compensation from the insurance company, that company will try to identify weaknesses in the person’s claim. The insurance company ultimately wants to demonstrate that the claimant either played a role in their own injuries or that the claimant’s injuries are not as significant as alleged. Insurance companies do not have your best interest in mind. They don’t want to pay for a claim if they don’t have to!

Watch your words carefully.

Following the last tip, it is also necessary for claimants to be wary of every word they speak to a representative of an insurance company. Insurance adjusters are trained negotiators, and they also likely have a scenario in mind in terms of how they believe the accident occurred which may not be correct or they will just deny that their insured caused the crash. Therefore, claimants should speak carefully when discussing the accident or their injuries. Along these same lines, claimants should be cautious when asked to provide a recorded statement, especially if the at-fault insurance company requests the statement. You should never give a statement until you’ve consulted with a lawyer.

Gather all necessary information and evidence you can.

It is always helpful to gather evidence following any type of injury or accident, and this is especially true for motor vehicle accidents. Accident victims are encouraged to take pictures and videos of all relevant images, which could include the victim’s injuries, vehicle damage, and the location of the crash site. Save these photos and videos for your attorney to review. They will be valuable evidence to help prove your case. It would also be wise for auto victims to identify all potential witnesses to the accident and obtain their contact information and potentially any statements about what they saw or heard.

Maintain comprehensive documentation.

Keeping copies of all accident-related documents is another key component of a crash victim’s claim. If you allege some sort of injury resulting from the crash, insurance companies will surely request copies of all medical records documenting your injuries and/or out-of-pocket damages. Other important documents for a crash victim could include auto repair estimates, the police report, notes taken regarding the crash, and medical records and bills.

Be wary of documents you are asked to sign.

Following an accident, either your insurance company or your opponent’s may ask you to sign various documents. Unless you are absolutely sure what the document pertains to and what legal rights it may encompass, you should not sign the document. Some insurance companies may even approach claimants immediately after the crash at your home or place of work to offer a settlement check with the hope that you accept. If you do accept, this could limit and potentially bar your right to pursue a legal claim. Therefore, if you are unsure about any contents of a document you are asked to sign, tell the insurance adjuster that you need time to consult with an experienced attorney to review the document before signing.


Settlement Negotiations with an Insurance Company

Do not let the insurance company rush you.

The insurance company will be eager to close your case as soon as possible and have you accept the least amount of money as possible for the value of your claim. The insurance companies don’t want you to hire a lawyer. Specifically, the insurance adjuster will likely make a low settlement offer right after your crash in an effort to quickly settle your claim, knowing that you probably need money as soon as possible to account for the mounting medical bills or repair bills for your vehicle damage. However, you should do your best to stay patient and get the necessary medical treatment for your injuries first. Only after you have fully recovered from your injuries can you understand the total amount of damages and adequately evaluate the value of your claim. Having the guidance of a lawyer who understands the claims process and is trained in negotiating with insurance carriers will help maximize the total amount of compensation you can possibly receive for your claim.

Consult an attorney early on in the case.

Dealing with a claim against an insurance company can be a complex, timely process that oftentimes involves thorny legal issues. The insurance companies have become wise to this tactic and make it almost impossible for any normal person, with a family, and a full-time job to handle making a claim on their own. Contacting an experienced personal injury attorney as soon after your accident can help you understand the potential scope of your claim, thereby setting fair and reasonable expectations for the settlement negotiation process. Further, having a trained lawyer to deal with insurance adjusters and constant calls from collection agencies wanting to get paid will help the injured person focus on the most important item, receiving the necessary medical treatment for your injuries and returning to daily life. Attorneys with knowledge and first-hand experience litigating auto injury cases are essential to help get the full compensation you deserve.

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