Common Causes of Trucking Accidents

Mar 27, 2023

A trucking accident can be a terrifying experience for all involved. These crashes occur when a driver loses control of their vehicle and hits another car or object. If you have been hurt in such an incident with a commercial vehicle, it is essential to know what steps to take next in order to protect your rights and receive fair compensation for your losses.

The leading causes of trucking accidents are driver error and equipment failure. Driver errors often stem from not adhering to traffic rules, changing lanes unsafely, using illegal maneuvers, or failing to use a turn signal. Many times these errors are due to fatigue, lack of sleep or other issues which can be addressed through employee education and supervision.

Fatigue and Sleep Deprivation Lead to the Most Trucking Crash-Injuries

In 2022, 13% of all truck accidents were due to fatigue or lack of sleep. That is why it is essential for drivers to get enough rest and adhere to regulations designed to prevent fatigue in truckers.

Other factors that may cause a trucking accident include aggressive driving, speeding, unsafe lane changing, drunken or drugged driving and substance abuse. All of these behaviors put other road users – motorists, pedestrians and cyclists alike – in jeopardy.

Truck Equipment Fault and Failure to Maintain It

Equipment failure is the second leading cause of trucking accidents. This can occur when manufacturers fail to inspect or install parts correctly, or from improper maintenance.

Manufacturers may be held liable for a truck accident if they fail to issue a recall or alert trucking companies of any issues with the parts they send out. This type of liability is highly complex, so having an experienced attorney on your side is recommended in order to receive all compensation you are due for your damages.

Poor Loading & Unsecured Trucks

One of the leading causes of trucking accidents is improper cargo loading. If the driver or third party fails to secure their load properly, it could spill out at high speeds and lead to an accident. Furthermore, hazardous materials should never be included in any load that requires driving with care.

Prior to delivery, it is essential for cargo to be checked over. Unfortunately, not everyone has time for this and this could result in a truck accident or the cargo falling into oncoming traffic or onto the road, creating an unsafe situation for drivers and passengers alike.

Hazardous Material Accidents

Trucking accidents often involve hazardous cargo. This could include drugs, flammable liquids and other substances which pose risks to truckers’ and other road users’ health.

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