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The substantial number of innocent individuals in the United States who are prosecuted for crimes they did not commit has developed into a stain on our criminal justice system. Wrongful convictions not only steal valuable times away from victims, but they also hurt loved ones and damage families in an oftentimes irrevocable way. However, despite the devastating effects of wrongful convictions, the careless practices causing these mistaken convictions do not appear to be slowing down, with a recent study from the University of Michigan Law School finding that 2015 saw a record number of exonerations (149 total). As reported by the Innocence Project, the pace of exonerations from wrongful convictions has also grown – and likely will continue to grow – at least partly because of modern advancements in DNA testing.

In acknowledgement of these systemic issues within our criminal justice system, Coffman Law launched its own Wrongful Convictions Practice Area. By creating this practice group, we have leveraged our successful track record of helping victims and their families seek justice for over 10 years, and combined that experience with our accomplished team of legal professionals, skilled group of various industry experts, and overall knowledge of the court system in Illinois and Northwest Indiana. If you or a family member have been wrongfully convicted and want to assess your legal options, do not hesitate to contact Coffman Law for a free consultation.

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